Why We are Different

Your needs are important to us

We know there are many choices out there for computer support. At Newbury Technologies, customer service is key. Your needs are important to us. We won’t try to sell you a computer if you don’t really need one. We won’t automatically reinstall your operating system, unless that is the only choice left. We won’t lose your important files because we understand how important they are to you.

We have a real understanding of what technology means to business, but we also have not forgotten that business is made up of people.

All Your Needs Are Covered!

Our core values drive our commitment to offer the best computer support in the industry. We help businesses maintain and improve their computer and technology resources through honest repair services and expert pro-active maintenance.

We offer quick responses to your needs and maintain constant communication.

Our goal is for you to keep your focus on what drives your business, not on worrying about the tools you use.


Andrew Mihaly – Owner & Chief Technician

Andrew is a problem solver. Half self-taught and half schooled (but all geek), he transformed Newbury Technologies from a part-time hobby into a garage workshop and then into a full-service support and consulting firm. With his constant urge to take things to the next level, Andrew has extensive knowledge in all areas of computer hardware, software and networking, as well as marketing, advertising, and business entrepreneurship.